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Epson Discproducers feature an integrated inkjet printer that prints amazing-looking labels directly onto discs. It features Epson’s renowned Micro Piezo print head technology that is found throughout Epson’s entire range of ink jet printers. In addition to extremely high print quality, the highly durable Micro Piezo head also enables users to minimize waste and maximize ink usage through individual colour ink cartridges that do not need integrated print heads, making them more affordable to buy, and easier to recycle when depleted.

Epson AcuGrip

The Epson “AcuGrip” robotic arm found in the Epson Discproducers ensure the reliable movement of discs within the systems. To achieve this, the AcuGrip arm uses ultra precise robotic servos and actuators that have been forged from Epson’s world leading, high precision technology in light payload industrial robots.

By ensuring that only one disc is placed on into the disc drive or printer tray of the Discproducers, the Epson AcuGrip technology not only increases the life of the product, but also helps to prevent scratches on the disc surfaces, and eliminates the interruption of unattended production runs caused by mechanical errors. Here’s how it works:

The AcuGrip arm has a guide that places it in the center of the disc. Three independently powered fingers extend to separate the top disc from any others that may be stuck to the top one. Finally, the peel off lever (or kicker lever) lifts the top disc for transportation. If two or more discs that cannot be separated are lifted, they will be put in the reject stacker and the production continues uninterrupted or the system will indicate an error has occurred.

Three Operation Mode Direct Print Network