Why the Epson Stylus® Pro 3850?

Faithful Colour Reproduction and Consistency

Consistent and Stable Colours

  • Proven quality and colour stability of Epson UltraChromeK3™ Ink
  • Minimal colour differences with other Epson UltraChromeK3™ printers
  • Ensures repeatable and consistent prints for a proofing environment
  • Reduced graininess and metamerism
  • Improved print permanence


Small Footprint – Large Prints

  • Save on valuable office area and increase creative workspace
  • Compact and manageable design for easy placement on desktops
  • Epson professional print quality and performance
  • Prints up to A2 size


Improved Productivity and Efficiency

  • Reduces down time in cartridge replacement
  • Maintenance cartridge system for continuous printing operations
  • Activates appropriate ink when photo or matte media are chosen from the printer driver
  • Makes printing on different media faster while using less ink


Large cost-efficient 80ml individual ink cartridges

  • Increased economy when frequently switching media
  • Smart automatic black ink switcher
  • More economical than conventional desktop printers


Seamless Network Compatibility

  • Seamless integration to office networks with in-built Ethernet port
  • Convenience of remote network printing for multiple users
  • Increase efficiency and reduce equipment costs


Highest Image Quality

  • New built-in advanced image processing technology
  • Intelligent multi-sensor detects nozzle clogging and triggers print head cleaning
  • Improved quality in low-resolution and bi-directional modes
  • Reduction in image graininess
  • Increase in printing speed
  • Reduce wastage and reprints


Advanced Black & White Printing

  • Innovative 3 levels of black ink printing
  • Superb gradation in highlights and shadows of images together with improved gray balance
  • Enhanced D-max to 2.3 provides denser blacks
  • In-built colour toning options for convenient image manipulation


Wide Range of Supported Media

  • Supports extensive range of print sizes and media
  • Borderfree printing on the common sizes of 4" x 6", A4, A3 & A2
  • Wide variety of coated and un-coated media for proofing, photographic and fine-art printing