Why the Epson EB-X7?

USB ‘Plug and Project’ connectivity for quick projection on the spot.

Small, Smart and Stylish

Small and Stylish

  • Modern, smart and elegantly designed to fit comfortably in your hands, the EB-X7 is lightweight and easy to carry around at only 2.3kg.

Front Exhaust

  • The exhaust is intelligently positioned in the front so that it will not affect the audience at the side of the projector.


Easy & Speedy USB Display Function

Simple Connectivity

  • Instant projection is possible by simply connecting the projector to a PC using the USB cable, included with the EB-X7.

Support for Smoother Presentations

  • Control of the mouse and/or “page control” function can be achieved easily with the remote controller that is included with the EB-X7.


Smooth and Simple to Project

AV Mute Slide Lens Shutter

  • The EB-X7 projector comes with a slide cover that allows user to “mute” the projection temporarily, by sliding the cover and projection can be resumed quickly by re-opening the shutter.

Quick Start-Up & Instant Off Function

  • Start up can be achieved in 5 seconds upon the push of a button. This means a stress free set-up at the beginning of the presentation and projector can be put away immediately at the end of the presentation for users with the instant power off function.


Low Cost Maintenance with Epson’s Innovative E-TORL Lamp

Compact and Bright - Epson’s Innovative E-TORL Lamp

  • With Epson’s proprietary E-TORL lamp, projection light is gathered and projected effectively, eliminating leakage and minimising light diffraction. This system combines an ellipsoidal reflector with an aspherical lens and a hemispherical mirror to produce a lamp that is both small and highly efficient.

Up to 5000 Hour Lamp Life

  • This an economical choice and means more savings to users with an extended longer lamp life, you will enjoy significant cost savings and less frequent maintenance.

Low Power Consumption

  • At standby mode, the EB-X7 consumes little power consumption, making it both an economical and environmental-friendly product.

Other Features

  • Direct Power ON/OFF
  • 60 Inch Projection At 1.8m-2.2m
  • Short Throw Lens
  • 7 Colour Modes
  • Help Function
  • 1.2x Optical Zoom