Epson devices share saving technologies; power saving and lower resource consumption

Electronic Devices

Epson's electronic devices business comprises the quartz device business, and the semiconductor business, which also includes high-temperature polysilicon TFT for projectors. At their core, all of these devices share Epson's "saving" technologies - power saving, space saving and time saving - while co-existing with the global environment through energy saving, lowered resource consumption and the elimination of hazardous substances.

Making products smaller and more lightweight is not only the best way to meet the needs of a mobile consumer, it is also considerate to the environment, thanks to reduced resource consumption. Epson does not concentrate only on the individual electronic device, but strives to link it with the end product, bringing to bear the technologies best suited to the task. In this way, Epson can meet consumer demands through systemization and modularization.


Quartz Device

Epson's exclusive QMEMS (Quartz+MEMS) technology makes possible the ultra high precision refinement of electronic products, ensuring the ability to continue producing industry-leading crystal devices.

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Epson Semiconductors

Epson has the unique technology and a passion for excellence that enable it to deliver the high added-value solutions that you need.

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