Tips & Tricks

Self Printing Envelopes are as Easy as ABC!



Our self-printed envelope created using the Epson stylus® T10 (below) looks just as good as our professionally mass printed one (above).


Need to personalize your envelopes for your small business or personal use? Instead of visiting a professional print shop for envelope printing which will probably need a high minimum volume for printing at a high cost, why not save money by doing it yourself and add a whole lot of fun and creativity into it?


Printing your own envelopes will give you more freedom with the choice of fonts, designs and you can even design customization.


Simple Steps for Envelope Printing

The following instructions demonstrate how you can print using a word processor application such as Microsoft Word 2003 / 2007.


Setting up Envelope Size


Printing on Envelopes 2

Step 1 - Prepare envelope: Click on Tools and scroll to Letters and Mailings. Then click on Envelopes and Labels.


Printing on Envelopes 3

Step 2 - Enter address: Choose the option Envelopes and key in the delivery address and/or the return address (optional) in the spaces provided.


Printing on Envelopes 1

Step 2 - Choose envelope size and font options: Click on "Options" to select the font type and envelope size you need.


Printing on Envelopes 4

Step 3 - Preview printing: Customize font types for delivery address and return address and adjust the alignment of the text. You may preview the print out at the bottom of the box.


Printing on Envelopes 5

Step 4 - Choose print direction: Click on "Printing Options" to select which direction you would like to feed the envelope to the printer (i.e. upward facing or downward facing).


New Layout

Step 5 - Add envelope to document: Upon clicking OK, you will be reverted to the main dialog box. Here, you must click on "Add to Document" to save the envelope you have just defined and created. Now, Microsoft Word will show the page 1 as the envelope you have created, with the page for writing your letter being shown from page 2 onwards.


Printing on Envelopes 8

Step 6 - Customize your envelope: Create your own template by adding logos, greeting messages or images.


Loading Envelopes

Step 7 - Print your envelope and letter: When you decide to print, ensure that you place the envelope with flap facing downwards to avoid paper jams.


Things to Note before Printing

  • Blank envelopes come in standard sizes usually supported by Microsoft Word. Measure the size of your envelopes to identify which standard size they are in Word.
  • Avoid printing on envelopes that have strings, buttons or clasps as they might get caught or jammed in the printer.
  • Avoid printing on envelopes that are not constructed regularly (i.e. irregular edges, irregular folding, etc) as they may get jammed in the printer.
  • When printing on multiple envelopes, try to stack them loosely or load them individually to avoid paper jamming.
  • Your Epson Stylus® T10 uses Epson DURABriteTM Ultra ink will allow the prints on your envelope to be smudge, fade and water resistant even when they are exposed to harsh handling or damp conditions. To ensure your printed envelopes maintain these qualities, always use only Epson genuine inks.