How Epson measures print speed

Maximum Print Speed

Maximum print speed is determined through printing on A4 sized plain papers in the fastest mode. This specification provides you an estimate of the fastest speed the printer is capable of, which may be useful to know when you have urgent print jobs to be done.

Maximum print speed for 10 x 15 cm (4R) photo prints is determined through printing in the fastest mode on Epson Glossy Photo Paper which is recommended for photo printing. 10 x 15 cm (4R) photo prints on other media should take about the same time.

Print speeds may vary depending on the system configuration, print mode, document complexity, software, type of paper used and connectivity. The print speed does not include processing time on the host computer.



Document used to measure
maximum print speed

Photo used to measure
maximum print speed


Print Speed (ISO)

Print speed (ISO) is calculated in accordance to the ISO/IEC 24734 standard that provides a consistent industry methodology for measuring the print speed of digital printing devices. This speed specification gives you a rough indication of the printer in default mode, and allows you to compare it to printers from different manufacturers that use this methodology.

The methodology requires manufacturers to measure the print speed for printing a standard set of documents from various office applications with the printer set to default mode, and at a single sided printing setting.

Thumbnails of the documents from the different applications are shown below:


Word test files



Excel test files



Adobe test files



The ISO 24734 test methodology can be obtained here.