Why the Epson Aculaser M2010D?

Outstanding performance for all your printing needs

Get more done with greater printing efficiency

  • With the Epson AcuLaser™ M2010 series, you get reliable and speedy printing performance that delivers. Enhance workgroup productivity as a fast printing speed of 28ppm and a quick first page out time of 6 seconds*1*2 provide superb printing performance with true 1200dpi resolution for high quality printing and a 600dpi resolution for high-speed print jobs


Convenient duplex printing

  • No more troublesome installation of additional duplex units, as the Epson AcuLaser™ M2010 series comes equipped with duplex printing capability that executes 14 sheets per minute, double-sided printing effortlessly. Get great cost savings as you cut down on paper consumption.


Less time on maintenance. more time for what matters

  • With these cost-saving features, the Epson AcuLaser™ M2010 series is the choice for reliable, long -lasting performance without the need for expensive repairs and time-consuming maintenance checks.

    Toner is the only consumable
    Be assured of lower operational costs, as replacement of the PCU and the fuser unit is no longer necessary.

    Easy frontal access

    The Epson AcuLaser™ M2010 series requires little need for maintenance other that the periodic change of its toner, and this is easily accomplished via the convenient frontal access designed for greater ease of maintenance.

    New Photo Conductor Unit (PCU) cleaning feature

    Also the very first printer models available today to come equipped with the new Photo Conductor Unit (PCU) cleaning function, you enjoy fuss free maintenance of the PCU and good quality printouts just by swiping the PCU cleaning feature back and forth a few times when cleaning is necessary.


Great value with high capacity toner cartridges

  • Work smart, save hard with Epson high capacity toner cartridges as it offers high quality printing performance that speeds up your work, as well as a lower cost per page than the standard capacity print cartridge, giving you the best of both worlds.


More paper, less hassle

  • Minimise the hassle of having to replenish paper supply constantly with a standard paper tray that now holds up to 300 sheets, and maximize your paper capacity to up to 800 sheets with two additional 250-sheet paper cassettes.


Save energy, save the environment

  • Accredited under the Energy Star program, a government initiative spearheaded by the United States that promotes the use of energy-efficient products, the Epson AcuLaser™ M2010 series offers a number of energy-saving features that will help you enjoy significant energy savings and also do your part in protecting our environment.
  • With the 'Eco-Fuser' mode, the fuser power is switched off automatically after printing to cut down on unnecessary energy usage. Other energy-saving measures include cutting the fan speed by half after about 3 seconds of printing and full power off at about 60 seconds after the last printing job has ended.
  • For lower resolution print jobs, the Epson AcuLaser™ M2010 series comes with a 'Toner Save' mode that allows you to save on toner usage.
  • With our comprehensive recycling scheme in place, you can also be sure that all used toner cartridge that have been returned to us are disposed of responsibly, and with due care to our environment.


Epson AcuBrite™ Technology

  • The Epson AcuLaser™ M2010 series uses Epson AcuBrite™ toners which ensures uniformed toner particles and wax distribution giving you consistently rich image quality that impresses. Through this unique printing technology, you get superb clarity with high sharpness and outstanding crisp, bold black text that last.


Return and recycle: Get cost savings when you return used cartridges

  • Shave dollars off your operational costs when you purchase a new supply of returned cartridges at discounted prices. And by returning your empty toners to us, you can be assured that they will be disposed off responsibly through our recycling programme.
  • With this cost-saving arrangement, you can recycle unwanted consumables and also save money to boot!
  • Note: In some areas, Return imaging cartridge isn’t available. Kindly check with local Epson office about availability of Return imaging cartridge.


*1 @600dpi - The duration between the receipt of the Start command (when bit0 of Status238 becomes 1) and the bottom edge of the first page is ejected from the paper output roller.

*2 Depends on the following condition:

  • Print within 25sec after power ON. Considering the 17 sec warmup time, within 8 sec.
  • Print within 15sec after the previous printout 3. Print within 90 sec after printing out 150 sheets.
  • Print within 90sec after printing out 150 sheets.