Epson Smart Eyewear MOVERIO Pro BT-2000 Smart Headset

Optimised for Enterprise Usage

Featuring a series of technology and design innovations designed specifically for the industrial workplace, the revolutionary BT-2000 smart headset is poised to improve operational efficiency and ultimately change how work gets done.

Product Features

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Experience a Smarter Workplace

The Epson Moverio Pro BT-2000 Smart Headset was designed for advanced augmented reality applications, remote field support, and any hands-free applications that require an industrial strength smart eyewear solution.

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Smart Headset

Epson Smart Headset
  • Depth-Sensing Camera

    The 5 Mega-pixel stereo camera supports gesture recognition & 3-D mapping

  • Industrial Grade IMU Sensor

    Provides precise spatial orientation for indoor navigation

  • Binocular, Transparent Lenses

    960x540 qHD display. Visual display is at 4m, 20% closer than the BT-200.

  • Brighter Display

    At 1350cd/m2, the BT-2000 is 1.5x brighter than the BT-200

Android-based Control Unit

Android-based Control Unit (Front View) Android-based Control Unit (Side View)
  • Programmable Function Keys

    Customize the controller to support specific job functions. Designed to support usage with gloves.

  • Onboard, Local Voice Control

    No WiFi connection required

  • Enhanced Connectivity

    2.4 & 5GHz WiFi; Bluetooth 3.0 & BLE1

  • Hot Swappable Battery

    Long battery life for all-day usage without outages

Built for Enterprise

Built For Enterprise Camera Features
  • Dust & Waterproof

    Designed for durability and to withstand the elements

  • Designed for Long Wearability

    Adjustable headband and forehead pad for a more comfortable fit. No pressure applied on the nose.

  • Adjustable Camera

    Allows you to focus on your specific work area

  • Versatile Design

    Can be worn over bump caps2

  • Flip-up Feature

    Move the display from your field of view without taking them off