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Epson Robot C8

Product Models displayed on this website may be available in certain regions only.

The Leading Edge in 6-axis Robots for High Precision Small-component Assembly

Exclusive Epson technology ensures high speed and low vibration with heavy loads.

Why the Epson C8?
  • Ideal for multi-effector, multi-workpiece and heavy workpiece handling and assembly tasks.
  • Handles payloads up to 8kg, double the capacity of the C4 series.
  • Enhances productivity with superior speed and precision.


Mounting type: Table TopMax. operating speed: Joint #1: 331°/s
Joint #2: 332°/s
Joint #3: 450°/s
Joint #4: 450°/s
Joint #5: 450°/s
Joint #6: 720°/sWeight: 49kg (IP:53kg) (cables not included)Repeatability: Joint #1 - #6: ±0.02mmMax. motion range: Joint #1: ±240°
Joint #2: -158°~ +65°
Joint #3: -61°~ +202°
Joint #4: ±200°
Joint #5: ±135°
Joint #6: ±360°Payload: Rated: 3kg
Maximum: 8kgStandard cycle time*1: 1kg: 0.31sec
5kg: 0.39sec
8kg: 0.48secAllowable moment of inertia*2: Joint #4: 0.47kgm2
Joint #5: 0.47kgm2
Joint #6: 0.15kgm2Motor power consumption: Joint #1: 1000W
Joint #2: 750W
Joint #3: 400W
Joint #4: 100W
Joint #5: 100W
Joint #6: 100WHome: Home-return-lessDegree of freedom: 6Max motion range: P point: through the center of J4/J5/J6: 711 mmWrist flange surface: 791 mmInstalled wire for customer use: 15pin (D-sub), 8pin (RJ45), 6pin (for force sensor)Installed pneumatic tube for customer use: Φ6mm x 2Installation environment: Standard (IP40)/ Cleanroom*2 & ESD/ IP67Applicable controller: RC700-ASafety standard: CE, KC


*1: Cycle time based on round-trip arch motion (300mm horizontal, 25mm vertical) with each payload setting (path coordinates optimized for maximum speed).

*2: C8 and C8L comply with ISO Class 3 (ISO14644-1) cleanroom standards, and C8XL complies with ISO Class 4 (ISO14644-1) cleanroom standards.

*To use ceiling mounting and wall mounting types, select ceiling or wall mounting type on the Epson RC+ software.