About Us

From pioneering the world’s first compact lightweight digital printer, the EP-101, to inventing the world’s first quartz watch, Epson has continued to produce innovative products and services based on its efficient, compact and precision technologies.

As a global technology leader, Epson creates and delivers technology solutions for businesses and consumers, from inkjet printers and digital printing systems to 3LCD projectors, smart glasses, sensing systems and industrial robots. The company is focused on driving innovations and exceeding customer expectations in inkjet, visual communications, wearables and robotics.

Epson established its first overseas manufacturing site in 1968 in Singapore, and Epson Singapore was accorded the status of regional headquarters in 2001. With a presence in Southeast Asia spanning over 30 years, Epson has a comprehensive infrastructure of service outlets, solution centres and manufacturing facilities supporting customers in the region. Today, the company continues to exceed customer expectations with its wide range of high-precision, energy-efficient products in the region.


Management Philosophy

Epson aspires to be an indispensable company, trusted throughout the world for our commitment to openness, customer satisfaction and sustainability. We respect individuality while promoting teamwork, and are committed to delivering unique value through innovative and creative solutions.

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As Epson employees, we always strive to exceed our own vision, and to produce results and bring surprise and delight to our customers.


Company History & Milestones


1942 - 1969


May 1942

Daiwa Kogyo Ltd. (the predecessor of Seiko Epson Corporation) is established on the shore of Lake Suwa in Nagano, Japan.



The world's first portable, high-accuracy, battery-operated quartz timer, the Seiko Crystal Chronometer QC-951, was developed.




Sept 1968

EP-101, the world's first miniprinter, is launched, from which the Epson brand was later born.





The world’s first quartz watch, the Seiko Quartz Astron 35SQ, was released and it revolutionized horology.

1970 - 1989



In 1975, Epson (Son of EP or Electronic Printer) was formally established as the next generation of printers based on the EP-101.



The debut of the Epson EX-1, a dedicated accounting computer billed as the world's smallest office computer.


MX-80 serial impact printer is introduced and becomes the "de-facto" industry standard for dot matrix printers. It was the first printer that could be connected directly to a computer.


The world's first hand-held computer, the HX-20, was created and became an astonishing bestseller, with one-quarter of a million units sold.


The first television watch is introduced and is recognized by the 1984 Guinness Book of Records as the world's smallest and lightest television.


The SSR-H series of industrial robots was released and was Epson's first SCARA robot sold commercially. It is widely used for assembling watches and printers, and for packaging semiconductors.


ET-10, the Televian, the world's first commercialised liquid crystal colour TV was released.


The SQ-2000, Epson's first commercial inkjet printer is released - the original inkjet printer.


Suwa Seikosha Co., Ltd. and Epson Corporation merge to establish Seiko Epson Corporation.


The SG-615 plastic SMD crystal oscillator is introduced and becomes the industry standard.


The first Epson 3LCD projector, the VPJ-700, is introduced - one of the world's first compact, full colour, liquid crystal video projector.

1990 - 2009


Epson introduces the Stylus 800, the first inkjet printer equipped with revolutionary MicroPiezo technology.


Epson successfully develops the Epson Stylus Color inkjet printer, the world's first printer to offer 16 million color combinations at 720dpi.


Epson revolutionizes data projection with its acclaimed compact, high brightness, and high resolution projector, the ELP-3000, offering brightness at 3 times the level of its competition.


Epson develops the six-color, photo quality printer, the Epson Stylus Color Photo, bringing unprecedented photo-quality output and printing speed to consumers.


An Epson color inkjet printer is selected by NASA for STS-95 mission - the Epson Stylus Color 800.


The TM-H5000, Epson's first hybrid printer is released. Featuring fast, quiet printing and copy functionality.


The Monna Lisa, an industrial inkjet digital textile printer, is jointly developed by Epson and the leading Italian textile manufacturing equipment manufacturer Robustelli.


The EMP-TWD1, a 1,200-lumen projector is introduced and is capable of projecting crisp images even in bright spaces. It is also equipped with a built-in, high-definition DVD player.


Epson enters the sheet-fed document scanner market with the launch of the affordable and compact GT-S50 and GT-S80 desktop scanners.

2010 - Present


The industrial inkjet digital label press SurePress L-4033A enters the market and is the first product to apply MicroPiezo technology to industrial label printing.


Epson introduced the L-series, the first ink tank system printer in Southeast Asia, and also the world’s first printer to use high-capacity ink tanks instead of ink cartridges. This drastically reduces printing costs.


Epson introduces world's first 3LCD Ultrashort Throw Interactive Projector, the EB-450Wi Series.


The TM-T88V-i series of receipt printers is introduced – allowing wireless printing from any computer, smartphone or tablet, regardless of the operating system.


Epson introduces Moverio Smart Glasses, the world's first Android-based, see-through wearable display.


Epson introduces the SureColor F2000 Direct to Garment Printer.


Epson Announces PrecisionCore™, a new printhead technology that merges Epson's expertise in high-precision MEMS manufacturing with breakthroughs in material science.


Epson introduces world’s First 3LCD Finger Touch Enabled Interactive projector.


Epson unveils the new WorkForce Pro Series powered by PrecisionCore®. These groundbreaking business all-in-ones and printers for office printing featuring innovative printhead technology for performance beyond laser.


Epson introduces the revolutionary high-volume Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) printers for offices that delivers up to 75,000 pages of printing before replacing the ink.



Epson launches world's first 3LCD 25,000 lumens laser projector, the EB-L25000U.



Epson launches breakthrough 100ppm high-speed linehead inkjet Multi-Function Printer for enterprises.