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Epson Robot N2

Product Models displayed on this website may be available in certain regions only.

The Leading Edge in 6-axis Robots for High Precision Small-component Assembly

Compact and flexible with ultra-high cycle time for precision, small-component assembly.

Why the Epson N8?
  • Installs in 40% less space.
  • Motion shortcuts for faster cycle time.
  • Unlimited circular movements for greater flexibility.


Mounting type: Ceiling/Table top*1 Max. operating speed: Joint #1: 297°/s
Joint #2: 297°/s
Joint #3: 356°/s
Joint #4: 356°/s
Joint #5: 360°/s
Joint #6: 360°/sWeight: 19kg (cables not included)Repeatability: Joint #1 - #6: ±0.02mmMax. motion range: Joint #1: ±180°
Joint #2: ±180°
Joint #3: ±180°
Joint #4: ±195°
Joint #5: ±130°
Joint #6: ±360°Payload: Rated: 1kg
Maximum: 2.5kgAllowable moment of inertia*2: Joint #4: 0.2kgm2
Joint #5: 0.2kgm2
Joint #6: 0.08kgm2Motor power consumption: Joint #1: 1000W
Joint #2: 100W
Joint #3: 100W
Joint #4: 30W
Joint #5: 30W
Joint #6: 15WDegree of freedom: P point: through the center of J4/J5/J6: 6Max motion range: 450 mmWrist flange surface: 532.2 mmInstalled wire for customer use: 15pin (D-sub), 8pin (RJ45), Cat 5e or equivalent (2 cables) (also used for Force Sensor)Installed pneumatic tube for customer use: 6mm pneumatic tubes (2 tubes), Allowable pressure: 0.59 Mpa (6kgf/cm2) (89psi)Installation environment: StandardApplicable controller: RC700-ASafety standard: CE Marking / KC Marking / KCs Marking


*1: Manipulators are set to “Ceiling mounting” at shipment. To use the manipulators as “Table Top mounting”, you need to change the model settings in Epson RC+ software.

*2: Do not apply the load exceeding the maximum payload


*3: If the center of gravity is at the center of each arm. If the center of gravity is not at the center of each arm, set the eccentric quantity using INERTIA command.