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Check the projector’s basic information remotely from a supported web browser.

Create projector groups and check the operation of the projectors in each group conveniently. Easily manage several projectors from different facilities at once.



Receive warning and error notifications via email.

Immediately get notification when a projector error or warning occurs, even when not on site.



Control the projector remotely.

Turn projector power ON or OFF, activate AV mute function and switch input sources remotely.



Manage an unlimited number of projectors. *

Multiple users can monitor the same projectors at the same time from different devices.


Easily understandable UI design

See projector operation status and usage time at a glance.


Operation report by device

Check basic information for each device such as IP address, serial number and firmware version.

*Requires a PC with Epson Projector Connected Agent installed per 2,000 projectors.