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Epson Robots LS20

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Epson offers SCARA robot systems to meet virtually every assembly and industrial process automation need. Whatever your reach and payload requirements, there's an Epson SCARA system that can satisfy them.

      • Handles payload up to 20kg
      • 800/1000mm arm length
      • Ideal for multi-effector, multi-workpiece handling


The Value Line of Epson SCARA Robots
The Epson LS-Series SCARA robots were created with reduced cost in mind. A wide variety of low cost technologies including the new RC90 controller are used with the LS-Series robots. However, the Epson LS-Series robots are still packed with the same performance and reliability our users have come to expect from Epson.

The Epson LS20 robot has an arm length of 800/1000mm in reach and cycle times down to 0.42/0.45 seconds respectively. Clean room models of the LS20 are available (ISO4) for medical, semiconductor, and other particle sensitive applications.

Outstanding cost-performance and reliability
The Epson LS-Series SCARA robots provide fast cycle times, great work envelopes, and best in class ease of use with the RC90 controller and EPSON RC+ development software.

With their small footprint and big feature set, LS Series robots are the cost-effective solution for all kinds of pick-and-place and assembly tasks. Ideal as replacements for older Cartesian units, they feature dedicated controllers for unrivaled operating ease.


Mounting type: Table top Arm length: 800 mm (LS20-804) / 1000 mm (LS20-A04)Max. operating speed: Joint #1, #2: 9940 mm/s (LS20-804) / 11250 mm/s (LS20-A04)
Joint #3: 2020 mm/s
Joint #4: 1400°/s Weight: 47 kg (LS20-804) / 50 kg (LS20-A04), Cables not includedRepeatability: Joint #1, #2: ±0.025 mm
Joint #3: ±0.01 mm
Joint #4: ±0.01°Max. motion range: Joint #1: ±132°
Joint #2: ±152°
Joint #3: 420 mm, cleanroom model: 390 mm
Joint #4: ±360°Payload: Rated: 10 kg
Maximum: 20 kgStandard cycle time*1: 0.42 sec (LS20-804) / 0.45 sec (LS20-A04)Allowable moment of inertia*2: Joint #4: 0.05 kgm2 (rated), 0.45 kg m2 (maximum)Motor power consumption: Joint #1: 750W
Joint #2: 600W
Joint #3: 400W
Joint #4: 150W Down force: Joint #3: 250NHome: Home-return-lessInstalled wire for customer use: 15pin (D-Sub), 9pin (D-Sub)Installed pneumatic tube for customer use: Φ4 mm pneumatic tubes (2 tubes), Φ6 mm pneumatic tubes (2 tubes)Installation environment: Standard / Cleanroom*3Applicable controller: RC90Safety standard: CE, KC


*1: Cycle time based on round-tip arch motion (300mm horizontal, 25mm vertical) with 2kg payload (path coordinates optimized for maximized speed).

*2: When payload center of gravity is aligned with Joint #4; if not aligned with Joint #4, set parameters using INERTIA command.

*3: Complies with ISO Class 4 cleanroom standards.