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Make the Sustainable Choice with Epson EcoTank

Epson EcoTank printers bring together eco-conscious technology with efficient features to help you be more sustainable and productive. Combining power-saving Heat-Free Technology with a refillable ink tank system, they can help you save energy, time and money.


Save time with consistent high-speed printing, with no need for the printer to warm up, prints can start immediately. Once you’ve started, you get consistently fast printing, even for high print-density jobs.


With no fuser unit to heat, EcoTank printers consume less power than laser printers, keeping your energy bills under control.


Reducing waste is a critical part of being more sustainable. Thanks to our Heat-Free Technology, our inkjet printers require significantly fewer replacement parts than laser printers, helping to reduce your environmental impact.


Powered by Heat-Free Technology, our EcoTank printers do not require heat in the ink ejection process. This means your business increases productivity while reducing its environmental impact


Better for the environment

85 % Up to

less power consumption
vs laser printers1

85 % Up to

less CO2 generated
vs laser printers2

59 % Up to

less replacement parts
vs laser printers3


Low running cost over time

Affordable ink bottles with ultra-high page yield of up to 7,500 pages help keep print costs low, resulting in a low total cost of ownership in the long run.

Try our TCO calculator to see your potential savings with EcoTank.

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How far we’ve come

To date, over 80 million EcoTank printers have been sold worldwide, contributing to a significant reduction in the use of plastic, which is one of the main components in ink cartridges. We have also successfully avoided 658,867 tons of CO2 emissions from consumables in this time.


It’s in everything we do

It’s our print technology innovation that has helped us make these advances in sustainability and product efficiency. The Epson piezo printhead utilises pressure to eject ink by means of piezo elements. This method uses no heat and requires no contact with media, meaning there is no degradation caused by friction and heat. The piezo elements are made of ceramic, are highly durable and resistant to heat and can be used throughout the product life.


less consumables vs IC models6

EcoTank printers are equipped with a large-capacity refillable tank instead of cartridges, therefore, the amount of plastic used can be reduced.


improved7 transport efficiency

Compared with the first EcoTank, the latest generation of Epson EcoTank pinters have 16% improved transport efficiency.


more efficient than ENERGYSTAR® requirement10

We are making energy-saving efforts such as minimising the power consumption during sleep mode.

Use up to


recycled plastic for hardware5

EcoTank uses the recycled plastics from IT equipment such as printers and computers that are no longer used. In this way, we will reduce new resource consumption and achieve our goal to be underground resource free by 2050.



recycled cardboard

Our cardboard utilises wood fibres, all of which are 80% recycled.

Assembled8 using


renewable energy

Epson will transition to 100% renewable electricity at all Epson sites9 by 2023.

High productivity

Spill-free bottle design with individually designated nozzles that fit each ink tank makes ink refilling effortless. With fewer parts to replace and maintain, productivity is enhanced with less downtime expected.


No.1 ink tank printer for 13 years running

Known for our printheads’ reliability and durability, Epson EcoTank printers have consistently been the market leader for ink tank printers, taking pole position since 2010. To date, more than 80 million units of EcoTank have been sold worldwide.


Find the right fit for your business
with our range of EcoTank printers



Multifunctional productivity that fits any office

Designed to improve business cost savings and print productivity. Expect a high print yield of up to 4,500 pages for black-and-white, and 7,500 pages for colour. You can even print borderless photos up to 4R size.

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Effortless efficiency for dynamic businesses

This EcoTank printer is compact enough to fit perfectly in any office. Get sharp and smudge-free black-and-white documents that are printed using black pigment ink. Equipped with auto-duplex printing, you can print on both sides of paper easily, significantly reducing paper cost and wastage.

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The ultimate A4 colour printer for your office

This super compact printer offers your business more versatility and productivity. Expect hassle-free auto-duplex printing, low cost per print, of up to 7,500 pages for black and white and 6,000 pages for colour. You can easily control this printer with your mobile devices when you download the Epson Smart Panel app.

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Simplicity at its finest

Efficiency meets productivity with the EcoTank monochrome M1140 printer. Powered by PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology, this A4 monochrome single function printer delivers fast print speeds at 20ipm in razor-sharp quality. Reduce your running cost with auto-duplex capability and high-yield ink bottles that enable you to print up to 6000 pages11 in black and white.

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Exceptional productivity meets affordability

This A3 printer is all you need for your monochrome printing needs in office. The M15140 not only prints at a blazing fast print speed of 25ipm, it also delivers quality prints at low cost. Not to mention, the printouts are also water resistant due to the use of DURABrite ET pigment ink.

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The All-in-One A4 Mono printer for your office

The M3170 is a 4-in-1 multi-function printer that enables your business to accelerate its printing needs. What’s more, enjoy a peace of mind with 4 years warranty coverage12.

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Mitra Keluarga Group

Check out how private hospital establishment, Mitra Keluarga Group, effectively reduced printing costs by switching to Epson EcoTank Monochrome Printers that come equipped with refillable ink tanks.

ALL IT Hypermarket

Discover how a leading IT hypermarket in Indonesia achieved cost savings and lower power consumption thanks to Epson EcoTank Monochrome Printers that are powered by Heat-Free Inkjet technology.



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  1. Statistics above are based on results from internal testing conducted by Epson, using Epson L6550 ISO Color 12ipm vs Laser model ISO Color 22ppm test for power consumed to print 20 pages. Testing single page A4 document of ISO Office Final PDF (ISO/IEC 24734). Each test was conducted twice by Epson to ensure consistency of results. Both printers have been tested under same conditions.
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