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“More than half of the students are unable to read certain contents displayed on a 70" flat panel display."
- Radius Research
57% of students from Singapore are unable to read the contents on a 70-inch flat panel display*.
Epson projectors display larger and more immersive pictures to fully engage and nurture young minds.

Greater Readability

With the bigger display size and impressive clarity, students are able to read clearly.

No Glare


Eliminates glare as other light sources will not form blind spots on projection.

Meet 4, 6, 8 Rule

Enables everyone in the classroom to see without hindrance.

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White Paper

Find out more about:
• Key Factors for Selecting the Right Display Size
• The 4/6/8 Rule
• Classroom Configurations

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*Based on research conducted by Radius Research in US, UK and Singapore. The research was done using a 70-inch class 4k resolution flat panel in a 22' x 27' x 26' / 22' x 30' classroom-style arrangement respectively. When asked to copy down six short items of information from slides displayed, 58% of students from US, 61% from UK, and 57% from Singapore, aged 12-22, copied at least one item incorrectly.