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Epson Robot Basic Operation & Programming Course

Target Audience
Application Engineers and/or Technical personnel who have either: 
- Not used Epson Robot or
- To operate the Robots or
- To develop applications for the Robots.

USD8601 per pax

1 Minimum two persons to start

2 days

This is a broad overview starter course to understand the setup of the robot system and develop robot application. To be able to calibrate robots and perform backup procedures. 

438B Alexandra Road Block B Alexandra Technopark, #01-07, 119968”

- Basic programming knowledge 
- Windows OS Laptop with administrative rights to install software 
- Trial software will be provided for use during class

Training Contents

Day 1:
Introduction to EPSON Robot System Safety, Installation and Setup of Epson Robot System EPSON RC+ Software Overview
- Practice 1: First Program
- Practice 2: Jog & Teach
- Practice 3: Multi-tasking
- Practice 4: Motion Control
- Practice 5: Questions & Answers

Day 2:
Hand-On with Robot 
- Exercise 1: I/O Monitor & Vacuum and Blower
- Exercise 2: Remote I/O & Pick-Place
- Exercise 3: Tool Setting

General Maintenance 
Errors Debugging
Controller Status Backup
Replacing Batteries
Robot calibration
Service Route
Questions & Answers

Epson Robot Training Program

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