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Document Capture Pro Server helps to centralise your scanning and manage your fleet of scanners without the need to install drivers on individual computers.

Simplify Device and Workflow Management

Manage and control up to 1,000 scanning devices in the network allowing the concurrent use of up to 40 devices. Assign up to 30 customised workflows to the devices

Built-in OCR Capability

Create Searchable PDF files to easily locate documents with keywords. Separate and sort documents into different files and folders keyword detection.

Automatic Workflows

Sort efficiently by detecting text characters, barcodes, patch codes, blank pages and form types. Split files automatically by fixing the page and file size limit.

Easy Administration

Administer and manage the server and devices from any PC or mobile device with a web browser. Reduce downtime by receiving alerts automatically and enhance document security by tracing documents with indexing function.

Advanced PDF Functions

Create searchable PDF documents or protect documents with a password to prevent information leaks.

Document Capture Pro Server – Authentication Edition

Improved Document Security

Further enhance document security by preventing unauthorised usage of the scanner by Authentication function. Conveniently authenticate by ID Card, User ID and Password or ID Number.

Integrate with Infrastructure

Integrate with directory services (Active Directory or Open LDAP) to sync user databases and SMTP Email Servers for document sending by Email, alerts and reporting functions.

“Scan to Me” Functions

Prevent leakage of confidential information by distributing documents based on the user’s account information. Users can conveniently scan to their designated Email address and folders less operation steps.

Accountability and Traceability

Generate usage reports for each user, device or scan jobs and trace documents easily with usage logs. The reports can be used to locate documents or to trace the source of leaking confidential documents.