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It’s time to go big on the details with Epson large format printing for textiles, photography, signage, corporate and labels.

The Epson Advantage

Unlike other manufacturers, we design and create every single element of our machines. This way, every part is perfected to deliver the best possible printing.

Superior Ink Technology

Our revolutionary ink technology provides unrivalled print quality and consistent brilliance every time you print.

Professional Media

With our wide selection of paper surfaces, weights and textures, creative professionals can always express their true vision. Each paper is optimised for use with Epson inks, printers and drivers to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

PrecisionCore® TFP® Printhead Technology

As one of the world’s respected performance imaging companies, Epson has set the standard for print quality.

It’s Time to Go Big

Discover the full range of Epson large format printers and the
endless possibilities for your business.

Go Big on Textiles.

Fast and flexible fabric printers for designers and textile professionals.

Go Big on Quality.

Fine art and photographic printers for stunningly accurate reproductions.

The Biggest Name in Large Format Printing

We’ve built an unrivalled range of large format printers ready to meet any requirements. That’s how we’ve
achieved and maintained leadership status in photo, signage and textile
printing in the Southeast Asian region.

Start of Commercial and Industrial business in Southeast Asian region.

Launch of the first photographic printer that set the industry standard for meeting precise colour matching required by colour proofing businesses.

The first SureColor signage printers that offer affordable printing to any indoor and outdoor printing application.

Launch of SurePress, Epson’s first industrial label printer that offers affordable, on-demand label printer for businesses.

Introduced SureLab that offers true photographic quality and supports from small-scale desktop photo production to high-scale production with a minilab.

Evolution of signage printer launched with Ecosolvent inks.

Announced range of large format technical printers, for businesses that demand precision and reliability.

Launch of our first direct-to-garment and dyesublimation textile printers, setting a new benchmark for high quality, on demand textile printing.

Introduction of Epson’s first ever multifunction technical printers.

Epson’s first industrial scale direct-to-fabric digital textile printers, the Monna Lisa Evo Tre Series, that offers precise colours for a variety of fabric options were launched regionally.

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