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Create engaging presentations effortlessly.

The efficient and collaborative business features of Epson interactive projectors have won over an Indonesia hotel.
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Archived Monthly Features

Why Display Size Matters.

With wider viewing angles and a larger display area, Epson projectors bring presentations to life with vibrant, realistic colours and make every detail crystal clear.


1 game-changing projector. Infinite creative applications.

By combining illumination and projection, Epson LightScene lets you push the boundaries of visual display like never before.


Wikitude Releases Optimised AR SDK for Moverio BT-300 and BT-350 Smart Glasses.

Creating AR applications for Epson's Moverio smart glasses is now easier than ever with the fully adapted AR SDK from Wikitude.


Enjoy the Big Screen Cinematic Experience at Home.

The scale of cinema images stirs the emotion - prompting us to recreate the experience at home. Yet outdated perceptions of projectors prevent some people from realising the cinematic qualities of the latest technology. So let's look at the facts - and debunk the myths.


Epson Moverio smart glasses: Bringing a Singapore Hotel’s Story to Life through Augmented Reality.

At SO Sofitel Singapore, guests can now experience the hotel’s unique story of old and new interior design through Augmented Reality – with the help of the latest Epson Moverio BT-300 series smart glasses.


Epson Interactive Projectors – the new wave of classroom collaboration

Farewell to traditional teaching methods – and welcome to progressive, collaborative ways of teaching and learning in My Gym, Singapore. Epson technology when incorporated into this environment helps young learners to shape their cognitive development along with mastering confidence and self-esteem.


Epson Technology – Bigger Projection. Brighter Future.

With various engaging and collaborative learning tools available for the classroom, how can teachers be sure of making the right technological decisions? How can they select devices that cater to space availability and to student numbers?


Epson 3LCD projectors - engaging technology, capturing young imaginations

By providing today's new generation with ever greater interactive educational experiences, technology is taking learning interest to unprecedented levels. Read this article and see how Bangkok's - Imaginia Playland is using Epson's innovative 3LCD projectors to engage children in learning through play.


Lack of Concentration, Tired Eyes, Headaches? The Remedy: 3LCDs.

Have you ever had to sit watching a projector presentation packed with dull images? Found yourself bored, with sore eyes, or even a headache? Well, you don’t have to suffer any longer. With Epson 3LCD projectors, you can enjoy easy-on-the-eye, engaging and vibrant presentations every time. Read this article on the thinking behind the technology.


At the Cutting Edge of the Learning Revolution

Read about the learning revolution sweeping through South East Asia and beyond. And learn how Epson technology is helping to shape the more interactive and creative classrooms of the future.


The Epson Moverio Pro BT-2000 Smart Headset

Born out of conversations with diverse industries, the Moverio Pro BT-2000 is an innovative headset designed to increase effeciency and productivity by simplifying tasks in the rugged workplace environment.


Introducing the Unique Gesture Presenter Function

Two of the latest range of Epson high quality 3LCD projectors feature innovative Gesture Presenter technology - allowing you to control presentations simply by moving your hands.