Download Epson Product Range Catalogue

to view our full series of SCARA robots and 6-Axis robots.

Ever since we developed our first SCARA robots for wristwatch assembly over 35 years ago, Epson has been a global leader in advanced robotics technology.

Find out how the energy-efficient, compact and high-precision technologies in Epson robots are bringing high-productivity automated manufacturing to industries worldwide in our product range catalogue. Ideal for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, and screw driving, we have complete range of floor to overhead mounting models.

What is included in our latest Robot Catalogue:

  • Full range of our SCARA and 6-Axis Robots, including:
    • Outer dimensions, motion range and installation specifications
    • maximum payload and controller compatibility
  • How to develop control programs for your Epson Robots using the Epson RC+ program development software
  • Machine vision and image processing using Epson Vision Systems
  • Enabling extremely precise force control using Epson Force Sensing Systems