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Look beyond analogue with the SureColor™ F-Series, Epson’s next generation digital textile printers. Bringing together the best of Epson’s technical expertise and printing technology, it promises high performance industrial level production yields and high quality output.

This means more jobs, more profit and more agility to meet commercial demands, however trying.

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The Power of Digital Printing

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Flexible and Profitable Solutions

In recent years, with the advent of digital printers, declining print runs have given rise to opportunities in new demands. And that’s in fulfilling short run orders by offering print-on-demand services and more designs in limited quantity to appeal to new customers.

Higher Profit Yield

There’s synergy when digital textile printers co-exist with analogue printers to expand business owners’ product offering, with the desired result of increased revenue. The demand for digital textile printers is predicted to grow as consumers around the world demand more customisation and higher print requirements such as design and quality.

Cost Efficient Benefits

No matter how long or short the length of the run, digital printing remains cost efficient. This is because it runs on less electricity and water than analogue printing.

Limitless Creative Freedom

Digital textile printing presents no limitation to design creativity. It truly stretches the designers’ creative freedom to print anything imaginable and on-demand. Creative benefits include watercolour effects, photographic images, fine lines and details.

Remarkable Market Growth

The growth for digital textile printing is expected to be significantly higher at 20% a year through 2019. Asia represents the 2nd largest geographic opportunity in the world, accounting for 1/3rd of the global revenue output.

Source: “The Future of Digital Textile Printing to 2019” Dr J Hayward, CIR Ltd. Published by Smithers Pira.

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