After installing Epson Robots, PT. Matahari Megah is now able to cater to up to 3 turnkey integrated projects each year. Each project turns out 10-12 custom machines, equivalent to about 40 machines produced per year. This is a 30% increase in production capacity versus non-automated production.

P.T. Matahari Megah adopts Epson’s SCARA Robots to boost productivity and enable production of more complex products

Why Choose Epson Robots For
Electronics Manufacturing?

Today, there are over 50,000 Epson robots installed all over the world. Equipped with advanced machine vision and image processing systems, our robots serve customers ranging from Fortune 100 companies to smaller manufacturers all over the world, running thousands of applications.

That combined knowledge and experience has helped us craft better robots for everyone.

Our SCARA (Selective Compliant Articulated Robot Arm) robots and 6-axis robots are built for small workspace applications which require high precision and high speed at a low cost.

Whatever your needs, we are certain we have something for you.

Transform Your Electronics Manufacturing Capabilities

Watch how Epson Robots can help in a more sustainable production line with fast, precise and repeatable assembly process to reduce wastage due to human errors.

Assembly of Automated Chip by using Epson 6-axis Robot

Automated Circuit Board Assembly using Vision Technology

Precision Assembly of Electronic Smartphone Case using Force Sensor

Assembly of Automated Chip by using Epson 6-axis Robot

High Precision Assembly of Components using Epson Technologies

Sanding and Polishing of Phone Case using C series Robot and Force Sensor

Dispensing Solution Demo

Insertion of Electronic Parts to PCB using Scara Robot

Insertion Parts of Various Shapes using Epson Technologies

Electronic FPC Insertion using C4 Robot

Electronic FPC Connector Insertion using N2 Robot

High Precision, High Accuracy, High Speed Pin Insertion Demo

Electronic Smartphone Touch Panel Testing Demo

Inspection of Electronic IC using LS6 Robots and Vision Technology

Connector Assembly using G10 Robot and Vision Technology

Multi-directional Screw Tightening using RS3 Robot and Epson Technologies

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

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